About Eff the Glitter

Eff the Glitter is a podcast highlighting women of color who are graphic designers, brand designers, web designers, brand strategists, and marketing strategists. 

There are a lot of “US” who don’t get the shine we deserve for the work that we do, & i’d like to give us that platform & create more of a space for us to speak about the freelance or corporate lifestyle, best practices, & inspiration so that we can have more “Heavy Hitters” in our industry.

Meet Ashlee, Your Host

Ashlee Green is an animated, bright, problem solving industry designer, speaker and teacher who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses by designing their professional brands with her company, A. Louise Creative.  Ashlee’s dedication, hard work and determination to avoid a life of mediocrity is what inspired her unique background.  She is a self taught graphic and brand designer even though she holds a B.A. in Psychology and “half” a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling.  Ashlee loves that she can be free to design for whomever she chooses, including herself. In fact, she recently launched a podcast, Eff the Glitter, which caters to other like-minded creatives.  By thinking outside of conventional ideas but staying within the rules allows Ashlee to help people navigate their wants, determine their needs and figure out the steps needed to achieve their business goals. 

Ashlee’s down-to-earth humor makes it very easy for her clients to relate to her and quickly become comfortable with her, starting off as a stranger and ultimately becoming a friend.  Ashlee is an eighties baby who was born in Maryland but now lives in Louisiana.  When not designing, speaking or teaching Ashlee can be found grooving to Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, and watching family comedies or supernatural horror movies.  (She will only confess to watching a lot of cartoons because of her children!)

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-Ashlee (A. Louise)

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