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Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Allysen Kerr

This week’s episode Feature’s Allysen Kerr! She’s a Graphic Design & Branding Specialist in Tampa Florida & she’s followed the path of a lot of us have taken as entrepreneurs (we were “pushed” into our destiny). I really enjoyed speaking with Allysen & I hope you enjoy listening  to her Growth & check her out at

Produced by B.T.M. Productions

Allysen Kerr is a brand developer, graphic designer, storyteller, and entrepreneur. An alumna of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, she learned the art of storytelling and developed a passion for design and online media.

Her original intention was to become a magazine editor and publisher, using her writing voice to inspire and encourage her generation. And at just 20 years of age, Allysen’s dreams of owning and operating a magazine came to life when she launched Adapt Magazine, a faith-based lifestyle publication for college students.

Upon graduating in 2010, this 5-foot-Jamaican-American spent the next five years obtaining additional skills in publishing, sales, marketing, communications, management and business development.

Allysen found herself at a major crossroad when she lost the security of her full-time job in 2012.

It was during this period that Allysen realized that her identity was wrapped up in status and accolade. She found herself putting her hopes and trust in a college degree and job more than in Christ. When those things were stripped from her, Allysen felt very lost and surprised to discover that her so-called solid foundation, had some major cracks in it. 

Those six weeks without a job seemed like an eternity, but during that pause, God planted the vision for a life Allysen never imagined possible. After reluctantly saying ‘yes’ to these new dreams, Allysen began to plan and execute her new God-given direction.

She took her publishing company, UnKonventional Media (UKM), and expanded its services to include graphic design. During that time, she and Adapt’s team also transitioned the budding publication into a digital platform that would be read over 4,000 times in more than 10 different countries. The graphic design arm of UKM would also grow to complete more than 200 projects over the next six years.

Looking back, Allysen can truly see God’s faithfulness. The vision that she wrote down more than seven years ago is unfolding in so many different ways.

Today, Allysen is the Principal and Creative Director of Prymel Elements, which crafts and manages brands for start-ups, nonprofits and small businesses.

Prymel Elements specializes in branding, strategy, and design. When it comes to branding, Allysen believes that a strong identity and a clear vision are the core of any organization or business. Prymel Elements not provides only a look but also a brand identity that truly resonates with each client’s ultimate vision and goals. 

This happens by unearthing that vision and then translating it into unique and timeless designs. To date, Allysen has crafted brands and designs for more than 120 non-profits, startups, and individuals.  

Allysen loves that she gets to help entrepreneurs and organizations bring their visions to life just like God did and has been doing for her for the last seven years. She currently serves as President of the Tampa Gator Club and is an advisory board member to the Mentoring with Purpose Charity.

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