April Fore is the Author of the Adventures of E.G.G. A children’s book dedicated encouraging children and families with special needs (more specifically Turner Syndrome) that they can enjoy their lives, continue to grow and learn new things. April is a WONDERFUL SPIRIT, an author, a master of cultivating brand culture and consistency & I just KNOW you’ll love her too! 

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Mother and Author April Fore is quite an incredible woman. She has endured loss and turned that test of faith into a tremendous testimony. In 2014 at a routine 9 week prenatal screening April received devastating news. Her child had a cystic hygroma on its neck. This was an indicator that there were some chromosomal abnormalities. After taking a karyotype test and waiting a very long two weeks it was determined that her daughter had Turner Syndrome.  A few weeks later her daughter EmmaGrace went to heaven to be with the Lord. A class assignment planted a seed in April to write The Adventures of E. G. G. ( Emma Grace Godwins) series.

She found that writing the series was both cathartic and therapeutic when dealing with the loss of EmmaGrace.  It wasn’t until her daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome that she had even heard of the rare condition.  April knew she wanted to honor her daughter’s memory, bring awareness to Turner Syndrome, and empower the strong ,resilient, and beautiful butterflies ( girls with TS are called butterflies) out there. The Adventures of E.G.G. , showcases the beauty in being unique! 

When she’s not writing EGG’s newest adventure  she is a full time mom to the very outgoing little Miss Tahlia Simone!  She’s also a huge DIYer, she once made a headboard for her sister.  April lives by the motto “ if you don’t see it, create it” that reigns true in many aspects of her life. She didn’t find any children’s books about Turner Syndrome so created them. I tell you, that’s one hardworking lady!

April is the Director of Development at Chick-fil-A Seaboard Commons in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As the Director of Development she works closely with current and future leaders within her team to cultivate their leadership skills. She is a native of Conway, South Carolina and a graduate of Horry Georgetown Technical College.

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Website: http://theeggstories.com/

Facebook: https://facebook.com/theadventuresofegg


Instagram: https://instagram.com/theeggstories


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