Eff the Glitter Special Guest- April Grant

So… This episode was a retake. LOL! like for real! our first conversation was great & we were rolling through it only to see that the first half of the conversation DIDN’T RECORD!!! April’s sweet soul was kind enough to re-record the episode with me &  This is what we got! we kind og stayed on  the “outline” but then the conversation became a bit more candid!  Check out April Grant!

Produced by B.T.M. Productions

AprilNoelle started after failing miserably to keep my weight off, instead giving birth to two more babies. Also, I got really tired of talking all about weight loss. I wanted to talk about me, what was going on in my life and what’s around me. See, I love my family, finding cool things to do in the neighborhood (with and without kids), TV and movies and volunteering. I’m also working diligently on losing weight, getting out of debt, building positive relationships and getting closer to God.

So, AprilNoelle was born. Well, I (April Noelle) was born over 30 years ago, but AprilNoelle.com was born in 2011.

Where to find April

Email: justme@aprilnoelle.com
Website: theothersideof40.com

Twitter: theaprilnoelle
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