Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Chandra Gore

It’s CHANDRA!!!! Ya’ll I connected with this queen almost immediatley. Like… there’s no other way to describe how our conversation just FLOWED!!! She is a Business Coach, Manager, and a PR Agent- Simply put, she does it all & she does it well! Make sure to listen to her episode for this week on Eff the Glitter.⁠

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Chandra Gore Consulting is a Public Relations, Business Development and marketing consulting firm that assists in the creation of business foundations that will strengthen customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness by leveraging social media , advertising, networking strategies along with streamlined business processes.

Where to find Tijania

Email: chandra@chandragoreconsulting.com
Website: https://www.chandragoreconsulting.com/
Facebook: Chandra Gore Consulting

Twitter: CGoreConsults
Instagram: CGoreConsults

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