Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Kat Anderson

Welp! This ends Season 1 & is our Season Finale!!!! In this episode, We’re highlighting artist Kat Anderson. She’s a self taught artist who sells her digital art online & gets to live the life she loves! Her specialty is portrait art & she’s such a warm spirit!

Produced by B.T.M. Productions

I am a southern raised Country girl at heart who is extremely creative. I have been creating since I was in 5th grade. Actually using my talents and building a creative art business around graphic designing was a great decision and I am so happy that I made the decision. Business is still slower than I would like but I am so thankful  for every opportunity I get!

Where to find Kat

Email: kathleen@katanderson.net
Website: katanderson.net

Instagram: bykatanderson

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