Being a Creative CEO during COVID with guest Keisha Whaley

Alright, So Let’s talk about Keisha. She’s the CEO <— C.E.O. of Brass Tacks Collective. She’s my first guest who started her agency with the full intention of becoming an AGENCY. She gives us a good look at what the hiring process looks like, business growing pains, discovering your team & bringing people up with you as the company grows. 

Produced by B.T.M. Studios

Keisha Whaley is the founder and CEO of Brass Tacks Collective, a creative experience agency in Dallas and its sister nonprofit, BT Foundry. Hailing originally from Oklahoma, she’s spent the last 12 years in Dallas, starting as an intern and working her way up to creative direction before starting her agency. She has served on the board of five nonprofits, volunteered for numerous organizations, and established her reputation in the broader community as a skilled problem-solver. She prefers dogs over cats, chocolate over vanilla, and New York over any other place (except maybe Maui).

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