Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Shmeka Gibson

In our conversation with Shmeka, we talk about the Pivot that a lot of businesses had to make during Covid, Getting Your Business Legit, & also about the Pride a consulting firm feels when their “babies” succeed. One of the greatest feelings a Brand Strategist, Consultant, or Strategist feels is seeing their clients Grow & succeed. Listen to Shmeka’s Story on this episode on Eff the Glitter.

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Shmeka Gibson, PhD, is the founder and CEO of Innate Success and the founder of Changing the Mindset Inc. Innate Success provides organizational business consulting, data analytics and grant writing services to established businesses. Changing the Mindset is a 501c3 organization that offers a business mentorship program and continued learning opportunities for anyone that is interested in mental health, trauma, professionalism, leadership, health, wellness, financial literacy, and economic development.

In her 3 years of operating, Dr. Gibson has helped over 40 businesses with establishing a strong business infrastructure, grant writing and data analytical work. She has helped organizations secure funding opportunities to sustain their business and help more individuals in the community. She has a proof-of-concept model that shows that with the right resources and tools, she can help anyone save, start, or sustain their business.

With her growth and success, Dr. Gibson has made an impact in 8 states and 4 international countries. In her 3 years, she has provided over 150 professional development workshops to an average of 300 people, helped an average of 40 businesses with establishing a strong business infrastructure, grant writing and data analytical work. During Covid-19, Dr. Gibson helped 15 organizations sustain their business, helped 10 non-profits launch their businesses, applied for over $3 million in funding, created 16 websites and launched 4 virtual learning sites.

Where to find Shmeka

Email: sgibson@innatesuccess.com 

Website: www.innatesuccess.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Innate Success 


Instagram: https://instagram.com/innate_success 


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