Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Tai Hall

Normally i release my episodes on Wednesday, but i decided to change things up and turn friday into “eff it up Friday” So… This friday, the woman entreneur creative effing it up is my business bestie and massage mogul Tai Hall.

Not only does she train other massage therapists to be a beast in their profession, but she helps them market their businesses in creative and unconventional ways.

Produced by B.T.M. Productions

Tai Hall is an International massage therapist who’s career has evolved from sports massage, to oncology massage, to leading the industry in postOperative care and body contouring, specifically pertaining to plastic surgery.

Serving as a strong public speaker, this millennial activist prides herself on
being an accomplished multi-business owner who courageously started her entrepreneurial journey after surviving several life setbacks including homelessness, dropping out of college, and being challenged to raise a young
son in Baltimore City, a  tark contrast to the PG County suburbs they had uprooted from.

Dedicating her life to  improving the quality of lives of others, Tai became an International Massage Therapist & multiple business owner of Perfect Taiming Enterprises, LLC. Well versed on healing the body, cleansing the psyche, & mending the spirit, Tai holds a Bachelors in Neuromolecular  biomechanics, a Bachelors in Abnormal Psychology,  and a Masters in Healthcare. After returning to college, Tai started traveling the world perfecting her healing crafts in alternative medicine. 

Where to find Savvy

Email: Connect@taimeout.com
Website: Https://taimeout.com
Facebook: Taime Out

Twitter: @TaimeOutMassage
Instagram: @Taimeoutmassage

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