Eff the Glitter Special Guest- Tijania Goodwin

Is your business Connected Divinely? This Episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Tijania Goodwin of Divine Connections Agency. She’s a Marketing Strategist, Graphic Designer, Event Planner, and a Full Time freelancer!!! Get to know Tijania On this episode of Eff the Glitter!

Produced by B.T.M. Productions

Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin, Creator of The Divine Connections Agency is an educator, serial entrepreneur and branding strategist from Philadelphia. She has a heart of gold and changes lives on a daily with every person that she encounters.  The Divine Connections Agency connects your PURPOSE and your BRAND! This is executed through business branding, sponsorship consulting and media.  Defining your brand is a journey of business self-discovery. Anything worth doing is worth doing differently. Tijania is a well-rounded person who enjoys living life through PURPOSE and with PURPOSE.  She uses her life experiences to empower others to stay strong and push through all situations no matter how hard they may be.  She lives by this great quote, “Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” She is honestly a Mogul in the Making!  

Where to find Tijania

Email: hello@tdc-agency.com
Website: https://www.tdc-agency.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DCAgency/


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