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Zaakirah Muhummad is a repeat guest with us on Eff the Glitter, This episode we talk about how she got started with Phocused media group, the effects of the DIY movement with Social media & photography & how she was able to continue her passion of photography while still serving her clients as a brand strategist.

Join us this episode while we talk about life since instagram started & how it’s changed the game.

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Zaakirah Muhammad is a cancer survivor, Sagittarius, world traveler, author, podcaster, brand cultivating strategist, professional photographer, and digital marketer. She helps small businesses to make your social media pages look good and advise you on the best social media tactics for growing and being consistent with your brand on social media. At 6 months old, a camera saved her life. At 9 months old, she was taken into surgery to have her right eye removed due to a rare childhood eye cancer tumor that was detected by a photo her mom took. Her hearing slowly began to decline as she got older, but her other three senses kicked in and are functioning well.

At age five her mom gifted her with her first camera. She received her first digital camera in middle school. By the time she attended technical high school, she studied commercial photography. She never strayed too far from her purpose in life. Later on, she moved to Washington D.C. to expand her education in professional photography and videography. She is also recently divorced.

She has traveled to 10 countries so far. She took her professional camera on most of her out of country travels but Ghana, West Africa was the first time that others viewed her work as if they were on the trip and have traveled with her, due to the way she beautifully captures sceneries and personalities. She loves capturing the essence of humanity. As a people person and an empath, she wants her legacy to include the fact that she was able to see the good in you, help you live your best life, which inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone. She is the author of Seeing Life Through a Different Lens: A Survivor’s Memoir on Overcoming Adversity with Resilience. She also hosts the podcast called Living Legacy.

Where to find Zaakirah

Email: zaakirahnayyar@gmail.com

Website: https://phocusedmediagroup.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/illuminousone


Instagram: https://instagram.com/phocusedmediagroup


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