Mentoring Membership & Community

Look, I get it. 

We are Female, Women, Non Male & we work HARD. We do A Lot. ESPECIALLY when it comes to making a living being a creative, gaining respect as a creative, and balancing our LIVES being creatives. Eff the Glitter was created to give BIPOC Female Creatives a place to shine, be seen, and be heard.  With this membership,  we’re creating a community; a safe space to work out our issues, find help for situations, become inspired by each other and become the best Money Making Creatives we can be.

I'm Inviting You

To join our exclusive community of BIPOC Female Professional Creatives. To help bring more knowledge to our industries, to create a safe space where we can geek out to business trends, Vent about issues, and Celebrate in each others success.

So... What's included?

Each month we’ll have a group training that will help you hone in on your skills as a creative professional, whether for your regular job, or your business.

Live Podcast Episodes

Each Season comes with the free episodes, but not all episodes are live & not all are free. You’ll get first access to our live episodes & even be able to interact with our guests & panels.

Skillset Courses

Along with the monthly masterclass, Courses created to enhance your individual skillsets will be added to your membership dashboard.

Courses to be added include topics such as: Graphic design, Branding, Illustration, copywriting, developing marketing strategy, and more!

Business Network

Eff the Glitter is more than just a Podcast, it’s also a directory of vetted creative professionals. You’ll get your professional listing within the directory as part of your membership as well as being able to connect with other creative professionals.

Accountability & Community

Being a Creative is one thing, Being a BIPOC Female is another. Being everything at once is hard. Our membership will offer accountability and support to help you grow within your creative profession.

Is this for me?

Alright, So check this out, you’re probably wondering “Why should I join THIS membership?” & the answer is simple.

My Goal is to help you Grow!

  • So if you’re looking to: accelerate your creative business
  • Make more money
  • Enjoy the life you envisioned when you started your business
  • and Connect with other likeminded creative professionals


This is where you need to be!