Training Your Customers how to respect the invoicing process & effective customer communication

Katanni is a repeat Guest with Eff the Glitter & I’m so HAPPY i got to speak with her again! In this episode, we talk about how things have changed since last year, creating an effective invoicing system and how to effectively communicate with your client on project deadlines & proofs.

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Katanni Bramhan is a branding, special effects, and graphic design maven who helps people find their superpowers and soar in business. Hailing from Northern New Jersey, Katanni realized that her superpowers were unleashing other people’s innate talents and teaching them how to employ their transferable skills via entrepreneurship. While trailblazing her career path, she discovered that her business acumen was best employed in her passion, the digital arts.

Katanni launched The K District in 2007, a full-service branding and creative design studio that has helped to scale both corporate and small business’ growth through custom, competitive visuals. Her prowess to merge creativity with brand communications enabled her to secure contracts with Fortune 500 companies like Aeropostale and high-end international brands such as Gucci. Katanni has since narrowed her niche to service the arts, entertainment, media, and events industries, respectively. Community driven and education focused, Katanni has created an online classroom for small businesses to learn the dynamics of branding. She is intentional about developing a unique framework for her clients and endeavors to give them strategies that strengthen their aesthetics. Katanni has solidified her impact in the digital arts sector by creating info-products, business courses, ebooks, Facebook business groups, and entrepreneurship-based summits. Katanni also relaunched Power Brands and Messy Hands: Find Your Brand Superpower!, which houses a series of online courses that teach people how to laser-focus on their unique selling proposition.

When Katanni isn’t designing at The K District, she is doing SFX makeup and body art for filmmakers on set at her second company, KACHED SFX & Body Art. Aside from that, she enjoys Comic-Cons, cooking, tennis, and doing nerd things with her fiancè, actor and Martial Artist, Kendrick Grey.

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